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Note: There will come a time in the not too distant future when the PEAC SYSTEM evaluation principals will have reached old age. OUr evaluation is at a highly successful pinnacle, but still, time marches on, and age catches us all... and with us, most of our Readers. However, we are finalizing the last stages of a legacy tool that allows you to run your people on an automated system, for much less of an investment. Support is provided as needed and on call. New clients will find their best investment is to talk to a Reader until, after several reads, they get better at understanding what they see.

The advantage is that you pay less for faster return, and most of you can get what you need and carry on. But you will get it almost immediately after you reply to the notification by email and make your ala carte payment.

At our current rate, this will be savings of nearly thirty percent per PEAC Evaluation, once past the early necessary Reads. There is a bulk program (even better savings) for those larger organizations to cover multiple managers. Smaller companies who know and understand our value to the selection, hiring, training and management process and are willing to invest upfront and save more, may use the bulk program, too. There are three levels from which to choose.

If you need help, for as long as we can handle the calls, or for new Readers we can find between now and then, the Read will be contracted with a Reader directly for a modest additional fee. There are new pages installed in this site to help you begin to master the results without a continual need for help. Check under the MGR guides or on the homepage. Programming of this is nearing completion, in time to catch the returning wave. Select home to return to our homepage.