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                    First of all, there is no cost to be a member of the PEAC System® family. It simply makes the next few steps more efficient should you decide to evaluate a new hire, or those you have on board to improve productivity. We are a valuable asset to limit turnover, as nearly seventy percent of turnover is a poor hire. It may take more time than you have, or they do not have the the instincts. Certainly, anyone can do the job you require... given enough time and money! But it is often a very expensive mistake that happens all too often!

                    Your first step, of course, is registration. For small owner/manager companies, this will give you a Client ID number that will follow you, personally, for the rest of your career. Should things change around you, those credentials can be changed by you, but the ID will remain. Be certain to keep your information updated! For large organizations with multiple managers, usually multiple locations, the Client ID will be for the company and not the individual. An assigned agent, usually HR, will register the company, share the credentials with their office, and handle the processing of the evaluations. In either case, single or corporate entities will login, click for an Access Key and use the information provided to invite your prospective employee to take the evaluation. You will need the key even if you are evaluating current staff and management. It is a -one time use only- to prevent fraud against your account or our automated system from a disgruntled or rejected prospect. It is very rare, but it cannot be allowed.

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