Forgive the chess motif. My favorite hobby and highly apt. The hiring process is much like chess. Most strongly felt in the risk/reward of the Sales and the Personnel Services Arena. No strong emotions and you must have proper training and skills! Else, you risk losing. Supplement gut instinct and guesswork with science! Check out this valuable resource: GSI Services

PEAC System®

We serve many arenas, sales
to systems. And we are
Internationally Recognized!
Why wait ninety days to figure them out?
Success comes from training to their style on Day One!

We have the science, the benchmarks,
and the collected knowledge of decades!

Management Consultants
Assessment, Training &
Development Specialists

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Non USA or Canada accounts must pay for  service as you go via PayPal. Customers wishing to make a faster invoice payment may also use this PayPal payment process. This also accepts credit cards without membership.  If you have any questions, please call us at (813) 634-5404 eastern time business hours. Buy Now applies to Pay Now and Invoice payments. You will fill in the proper dollar amounts. USD

Your records will show a payment in the amount you pay to THE PEAC SYSTEM®, INC.
Pay per invoice as an item. If you are COD, pay per PEAC.
Please hold onto the receipt that PayPal will email you afterward.
They will also immediately email us the same
receipt information. Thank you!