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It is important to administer the evaluation properly. Improper administration will result in low consistencies and may, if far enough off, invalidate the results. We at the PEAC SYSTEM firmly believe that you should use the results of the evaluation to improve management and training for success. Tell your applicant so. This provides a carrot for being as open and honest as possible, and provides more trustworthy results.


INSTRUCTIONS FOR ONLINE USE (pre-testing, our most common method to provide an efficient first interview):  If you decide to evaluate them online, prior to coming in, you save time in the first interview with the information in hand. You must sell the possibility of success through proper training and management. You do intend to train and manage to their style, right? Your email must send them to our assessment site and tell them to follow the links to the evaluation. It must also include the manager's first and last name,as well as company information. You can follow the button 'to the evaluation' to see what is required.



    "I am very interested in having you come in to learn all about us, and, true, so that I may learn more about you. Should we bring you on board, we will do our best to make you as successful as possible. We do this by tailoring our training and management, where possible, to your communication style. It will help us both for you to invest five to ten minutes in a tool we use that can do this, The PEAC SYSTEM. I will send you an email with the instructions on how to access the evaluation... what is your email address, please?"

Many managers assign this administration duty to thier office support. Be certain they have a copy of the statement, herein, and can sell it properly. The portion in italics can be issued by them, even by email!




INSTRUCTIONS FOR LIVE: Using the same format for success and style, as above, conduct the evaluation in the first few minutes of the initial interview. This prevents the interviewee from borrowing your style, or one of your successful consultants. Most managers keep a simple workstation PC close by and put the individual prospect right on it. Your resultant key will be in your email in moments after they finish.

Tell them nothing more. Sit them down in front of one of your PCs, and use the online evaluation system. We will be phasing out the handwork, soon, so scanning and emailing a completed form will be accepted until we roll out the automated system. Some of you will prefer the full service, and this is fine, too.

If you have only Apple or Unix systems that refuse to handle the simple program system, here, set up a simple, inexpensive Windows desktop or laptop in or near the interview room for this purpose. If you enter the auto system, and you must use the pen and paper system from your old copies, have your admin people enter the answers online. on an acceptable system... very carefully! Submit and the process will carry through to completion.

You have told them the importance and the rest is up to their common sense and intelligence. Keep in mind that it is very important to provide the same encouragement and carrot, even if your front office people administer the evaluation. Train them to do it right.

Remember that, eventually, all clients will be migrated to the auto system, primarily at their own request, for now. So, then, only those profiles submitted online on our test site will be processed. Sit them down at a PC in your office to take the evaluation, preferably before any interview, but that is up to you.

REMEMBER: it is illegal to use the results of any style, personality or other evaluation (and that includes online) in the decision to SEE an individual. Your length of time invested may be your decision, but do not screen people based on any evaluation! If, for some reason, the applicant does not make the interview appointment, be sure to put the PRINTED clean graphic page and the basic self report in a folder with his or her resume, should you have one. You must keep such paperwork under the law of your country, state or local authority. USA=EEOC.