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Decoding Entry 

Instructions: You must have the code that was emailed to you from the evaluatee's process, as well as your Client ID. This is handled at the server and is not the evaluatee's responsibility, except when they do not put YOUR proper ID in the form. If this profile is unpaid, you will be sent to the PayPal payment page, then returne to a quick login and on to the report. If all of this should fail, text 813-634-5404 for support.

Enter the Keys below.
Evaluation Key        Client ID            
If you receive a NOT FOUND message, reenter your code. It is best to copy this from your email and paste into the form. All case, space and characters matter. This prevents errors, as it is a direct match for the database. When you receive the profile graph for this profile, verify it is the correct one.

ATTENTION: At this fee level, this is an a la carte program, which means you will pay as you go. Remember, those that have comfortable experience with the PEAC SYSTEM will seldom need a read, and this discount amount and quick service will serve you well.

There is an additional charge for verbal reads, and this is seriously recommended for any individual you intend to hire, or are unsure with the evaluation. If you have less than twenty units under your belt, you should purchase time with a reader. Your Reader is a consultant and is paid directly. Instructions will follow. Those with a history in our program already have a Reader assigned and again, payment is made directly to them and/or their company through PayPal on a separate link.