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It is important to administer the evaluation properly. Improper administration will result in low consistencies and may, if far enough off, invalidate the results. We at the PEAC SYSTEM® firmly believe that you should use the results of the evaluation to improve management and training for success. The PEAC SYSTEM® is only available to candidates for evaluation by invitation. That invitation contains the proper keys to enter the assessment, but also, it provides the above theme about becoming successful through tailoring training and management to a person’s profile. This provides a carrot for being as open and honest as possible, without telling them that, and provides more trustworthy results.

Time and time again, when a client has low consistencies showing up too often, it may be that the duty of assigning the evaluation has been turned over to someone not trained to administer it. This is a logarithmic scale, which means with consistencies above 70%, the errors are negligible. Below, the accuracy drops away quickly! Anything less than 65% points to either an attempt to mask their own known weakness, or an instinctive attempt to improve it. Of course, those with English as a second language may have accuracy difficulties. Advise those candidates to use the dictionary built in on the evaluation pages. Do it properly! The new invitation system will help prevent innaccurate administration, and no one should tell a potential candidate how much time it takes, or to be honest, or anything other than that statement on the invitation.

With our automated system, you must first register, a momentary process, then you can decide if you prefer the a la carte, single purchase, or want further discounts by investing in packages of profiles. They are available in ten or twenty-five, each level dropped another five dollars per unit from the ala carte price of $75.00, USD. Some like the bulk prices, no matter the size of the company. They will not expire. Most large companies benefit tremendously by the steeper discounts.

When you, as a registered member, choose to administer an evaluation, you will be given a unique permission key each time. This prevents fraudulent use of our system or your account. Without a package, for each profile run, you will be given a unique key to take to PayPal to pay for it. Packages are much, much faster. Further instruction are on that Access Key page.

REMEMBER: it is illegal to use the results of any communication style, personality or other evaluation (and that includes online) in the decision to SEE an individual. Your length of time invested may be your decision, but do not screen people based on any evaluation! If, for some reason, the applicant does not make the interview appointment, be sure to put the PRINTED clean graphic page and the ‘basic self’ report in a folder with his or her resume, should you have one. You must keep such paperwork under the law of your country, state or local authority. USA = EEOC, kept on file for one year..