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Reasoning Aptitude© is NOT Intelligence Alone

INTELLIGENCE is a much maligned area of psychology because so few understand its roots. Though it may come with a measurement like IQ, it is merely a measure of how much one knows in relation to one's peers. So, a so-called brainiac in high school, usually a reader or a tech wizard, against the common denominator of the school, will show a much higher level then those around him or her. In college or university, the comparison may drop the difference in IQ levels, if not the actual points, by some deriviative, simply because his or her peers are in a very different level for that common denominator. Of course, when you spread the evaluation over a large population, the IQ number may have more merit.

But, intelligence tests alone do not help in the give and take world of sales and consulting. They do in the technical arena, and are usually backed up by some form of skills testing. With almost eighty percent of our clients, they are far more interested in the next section!


So, what about that give and take 'people world?' Our Reasoning Aptitude© evaluation will assess how quickly an individual can come up with a reasonable answer to questions or objections, under pressure. The pressure is time, for it is a fifteen minute timed evaluation. This is always administered subsequent to receiving the results from the PEAC System® evaluation. The two work hand in hand.

We are not looking for perfection, for that is hard to achieve in any assessement. On some problems there may be more than one level of answer, which can help or hurt the score. But a 'somewhat' higher score translates to an ability to easily give and take in sales, based on training, of course, and this makes it much easier to be either convincing or consultative. A 'lower' score within reason, almost always is found in higher Analysis and the service worlds, such as administrative people and background functions. Consutlants and counselors, those with higher Extroversion and Analysis together, will often be good with people, thoughtful, careful, but not... quick.

The range most managers (for sales oriented people) seek is upwards from 20, with a cap about 45. The top scores may not fit well, because most positions in the PEAC System® family of clients are thought to be boring to those too cerebral, especially if quick. Those loftier scores are seldom seen. It is not a contest, but an indicator of the ability to communicate quickly.

Less than zero and down to the deepest, a -86 usually indicates a correspondingly more careful thinker, and will be reflected in a higher Analysis and higher Conformance in the PEAC System® evaluation. Less than zero, and it is available, has two indicators. If the individual, under the pressure of a timed test, simply guessed at the answers, regardless of the profile, he or she will suffer in the score. They are hit hard for wrong answers. A strong Type A in the PEAC evaluation, say, over sixty-five on the ruler below it, with very low Analysis, will often fall for this trap. But then, they are often some of the hardest to manage and keep under control


'Smart' can apply to anyone, good GPA, professional degrees, and so on. 'Bright', on the other hand, implies intelligence with a degree of speed. Too much speed, once again, often creates guesswork and will pull the score down. Interestingly, in over four thousand units, one individual attained a sixty-two. Not the top availailable, but his 'hobby' was challenging puzzles of all kinds! Consider that as a warning. His score did not help him in the give and take world and he washed out of a sales oriented position in less than a month! Careful role play and interview would have put an end to the process. Sometimes we are wowed by presence and gut instinct... and often wrong. Success is all about not only how smart a person is, but requires enough low Analysis to shift towards bright.

As an indicator that the profile has some of the 'right stuff' upstairs, in conjunction with a 'good' PEAC System® profile, the Reasoning Aptitude© proves its worth quite well. In all cases, additional interviewing, role playing in the candidate's current environment will show whether the score stands. Having the score in hand is an indicator of what you are seeking to prove. All else is a kind of estimate.
RA complete PDF Files Print these. When the evaluation period is over, collect the paperwork and email copies of the test form to peacnet@peacsystem.com for processing. The fee for this service be will on your monthly invoice.


The Reasoning Aptitude© will soon be available and taken online, and with an automated, carefully timed program, no longer requires in-house proctoring. You will be able to administer it remotely, receive the RAscore© by email and make your next decision quickly. If you are only comfortable with them taking it in-house, you can put them on a computer at an empty desk, when it is uploaded. The same, by the way, applies to The PEAC System®. With the opening of our automated service, coming soon, there will be no paper handling on this end. If this RA© interests you, drop us a line at MAIL and we will pick up the pace to get it up as soon as demand is evident.