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Alas, time catches up with all of us! Although the principals of the PEAC SYSTEM are no longer in a position to provide online live training, the new Online Remote and Local Training program has been published. Your people can be in one conference room, or across the country, while you follow along and provide guidance from wherever you are. Learn, role play, practice and create highly productive and controlled effort. A handy tool for all the details you need to know in training, management and success! One time purchase in the size packets you need, no subscription required!
You can check it out here.

There are some straightforward caveats that will help you in whatever training program you elect to follow. First, after thirty plus years of developing productive revenue people, building multiple offices and installing management, there is the all important concept of starting 'em up! I recommend thirty days in a recruiting position, trained, role played and developed until they can stand alone. If they cannot rise to this level, you have the wrong profile, and your investment is minimal. And, of course, hiring the right profile is the first major step. The Peac System® evaluation can help in this area.

Then, on to a full desk with more training and role play. In this slower build, it might take three months to get them up to speed in say, full desk or marketing role, but your results will be better than simply hoping they hit the ground running.


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