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Are the evaluations from PEAC SYSTEM® EEOC approved?

      Yes, all three of our evaluations do not discriminate in any way against age, race, gender, sexual preferences, disability or the like. And though we represent only about 25% of the hiring process, we are a very important part to better than 3500 hiring managers across the English oriented USA, Canada, England, Australia, Japan, Southeast Asia and India...

How long does each evaluation take?

Though untimed, the PEAC SYSTEM® takes only about six or seven minutes, with report information, verbal and written, to follow within one business day. REASONING APTITUDE is expressly timed at fifteen minutes, and can be conducted in conjunction with the PEAC SYSTEM® if taken in your office. The CASE Studies is a one hour program, conducted by phone. All our evaluations provide, at minimum, the written results in one business day, with every PEAC SYSTEM evaluation followed up by an in-depth, yet FREE, verbal reading on that next business day.

Does the PEAC SYSTEM® provide assurances of success?

      No evaluation can assure you or your candidate of success, simply because the selection portion is only about 25% of the process, and fifty percent, believe it or not, is how well you train and manage. We do have an intense, online training program available. So, although the evaluation is in that 25% zone, it is a highly important part, indeed! Our complete PEAC SYSTEM®, from selection, training and through management, has reduced turnover significantly, increasingly so in those companies who follow the program closely. But any part of it will help, but of course, you decide how much depth you need, and when...

What can I expect of the PEAC SYSTEM®, then?

      A 'heads up' on communication style, problem areas, and suggestions on how best to capitalize on the strengths, while working past the weaknesses of your employee. A step by step instruction process to help you, the manager or owner, best reduce turnover and build a productive office or company... In addition, we can suggest reference questions, interview techniques and the like to help you with your important decision...

Should I hire only 'perfect' profiles?

            If you could find them, certainly. Sometimes you have to look for the closest possible. Even so, more important, it may be no. In most cases, your own profile will relate better to those 'left' or 'right' of the identified 'ideal', and you will enjoy the most successes with those. But look for those stronger than yourself, i.e., closer to the ideal than yourself. If you only hire the 'ideal' (statistically identified as the most likely to succeed- from tenure and productivity studies of thousands of people in the industry) you may find you cannot control, manage or train those particular profiles, and turnover continues.  This applies, of course, to the relationships between your middle managers and their respective employees, too. We can help... knowing your profile as well as those you intend to hire...

How do I 'get rid' of those I don't want to hire? Regardless of the reason...

      As you always have, the old, - don't call me, I'll call you- concept This should be explained that it is because you are looking at stronger people at the moment, and if you can, you will circle back to this individual... and so on. Why not just blame the evaluation? Well, as explained below, the PEAC SYSTEM® cannot tell you that someone cannot do the job, whatever you may be testing for. It is a predictive instrument that tells you, statistically, how many people in our database, with that profile, succeeded, or a percentage thereof. Therefore, your decision not to hire, is not based on a pass or fail score, but on a decision on your part as to time and money... And, of course, if either of you are really unsure, you might want to talk to our Reader about a CASE Studies evaluation...

How many PEAC SYSTEM®evaluations are needed to identify someone close?

      If you run the typical industry advertisements, online or otherwise to obtain people, you will attract people who feed on lots of information, and will generate few questions in your target's mind. Limit your ad, online, mags or newspapers to force the inquisitive to call and ask questions. The former might be as high as twenty or thirty to one, while the latter can be reduced to as low as five to one.
      Your results, due to geographical area, or in a particular season, may vary. It is, however, like fishing. If you insist in advertising improperly and searching the job boards, it is akin to fishing in a catfish hole, and hoping for salmon. Not very productive. We do have an ad sample for our PEAC SYSTEM®family... call us

Can I use the CASE Studies without going through the process of either the PEAC SYSTEM® evaluation or Reasoning Aptitude?

      No, it is an adjunct to our PEAC SYSTEM® evaluation. It is required. Reasoning Aptitude assessment is optional, but it, too, cannot help without the PEAC. Although it sounds like a way to save money, you will not receive the benefit available by a thorough, step by step process. Change your thinking to recognize the potential loss for a consultant or salesperson who falls off. In some environments, that can be as high as $60,000 to $100,000 in just a few short months, and there are only a few arenas where it is much lower. Then, the investment of our PEAC SYSTEM® family, whether limiting to the PEAC SYSTEM® instrument, or the complete, three step evaluation program, PEAC, Reasoning Aptitude and the CASE Studies, is completely negligible. Besides, you need not go through the entire program with each individual you are considering... only those you might actually like and want to hire, and for whatever reason, you see more than the PEAC SYSTEM evaluation is showing you! The PEAC SYSTEM® is the first step, the cost saving part of reducing turnover and increasing productivity...

Is there software I can buy, to run these myself?

      No. Over these past thirty five years on the market, we have experimented with various ways to bring the most benefit to our clients. We quickly discovered that in unbundling the services, such as eliminating the verbal reads in order to shave a few dollars off your costs, the turnover climbed almost to where it had been, and our clients were making decisions on partial or inaccurate information.
      Thus, our reads are FREE! This encourages a flow of information from our knowledgeable Readers that can help you make the right decisions, based on solid information. You can literally discover how much effort (and money) you may need to bring your prospect up to speed, and then decide if it is worth it! As always, we do not make the decisions for you. EEOC limits such guesswork on our part, and leaves those decisions to you, because, after all, EEOC says that 'anyone can be trained to do anything...' We add: 'pssibly, given enough time and money!

Can I have them take the PEAC SYSTEM® evaluation online?

      Yes you can. Go to our website home address and choose to take the evaluation online. The results are still processed at our offices, and the reports will follow to your email box the next business day. We try to process overnight and deliver in the morning. A Reader will call you that next business day for going over the evaluation to help you understand each and every profile you run. Remember, per EEOC requirements, you may not use the evaluation ahead of the interview to determine your desire to meet with them, you must see them regardless, even it is only a 'courtesy' interview. But, your interview can be far more productive when you know in advance the strengths and weaknesses of the candidate!

      Can I 'benchmark' my best people so I can duplicate them?

      Oh, NO! Absolutely NOT! The very concept raises the hackles on the neck of the EEOC, with fines and penalties and such, and can get you in serious trouble. See, anyone can be trained to do anything (says the EEOC- and we have seen the proof- It is just costly and time consuming) and so, through a combination of luck, decent management, various experiences on and off the job, some small percentage of people, despite so-called 'poor' profiles, will become decent producers. However, EEOC expects a sampling for 'prediction' to exceed, at a minimum, 2000 units. In an industry that suffers as much as 90% first year turnover, you won't have enough left to look at for years. We did not hit the market until we were nearly 5,000 units strong, in our industry, and now, we are over 300,000!
      That gives us very reliable statistics for predictability, and certainly, with our Industry experience we can provide the right information, keys, whatever to help make an individual successful. But we won't tell you to hire or not to hire. That will always be your decision, based on money and time available, against that predictive process...

Well, how does that PEACSCORE work?

      On every evaluation, where you are attempting to identify a standard function, such as sales, recruiting, business development, management, franchisees, and so on, we have more than enough information and profiles to give you an index that will tell you the possibility of success, following standard procedures in training and management. Now, of course, most people have their own idea for training and management, and some use tapes, CD's, some like in-house, and some like dart throwing...
      But our score has remained within one or two points across the board for predicting success, for five upgrades and thirty plus years. Still, your own style will make a big difference. But keep in mind, a score, for example, of 33-35 means that of a hundred people scored at that level, one third made it, the rest, nearly 67% fell off in the first year, and most of those in the first few months. So no score actually says a particular individual cannot do that job. But you will decide how much time and money to invest, against the PEACSCORE, once you learn to trust us...

How does The PEAC SYSTEM® compare to others in the testing arena?

      Better than almost anything we come up against, especially at the level of our low investment per evaluation. The competition that can keep up with us will cost you nearly twice as much. This, judging by the number of converts who have told us their tale of woe! Well, that, and with the recommendations of top Industry Trainers and Speakers, such as Danny Cahill and others over the years, we are pretty much at the top of the food chain, in comparison of cost against benefit. We are directly responding to the communication style of the individual against the position you have in mind. Our accuracy is unparalleled in your industry. Our Readers come from the staffing industry, too. We have been where you are, in the trenches, in the hotseat for management, and some of us have been the owners and franchisors.
      Think Competitive Communication, where pressure closing and serious urgency are not the issue, but step by step process control and multiple contacts may be more important. In these arenas, we are far stronger. Most evaluations, and role play assessments focus only on sales, per se, and thus miss these important differences. More than 3500 owners/managers across the USA and now, internationally, have come to trust The PEAC SYSTEM® and some of those have been with us more than twenty years!


      Your company may be eligible for up to three free PEAC SYSTEM evaluations as an introduction to our family of services! (require 3 people, yourself and two on your teams.) Email us to obtainmore information, or call (813) 634-5404



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