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You found 'em, you hired 'em, you even trained 'em, now you have to KEEP them!

We can give you an idea of what to expect, and how to get the best from anyone!


As your Partner in Success, we provide a complete strategy for selection, hiring, training and management in the sales industries of Personnel Services, Insurance, Real Estate, and Product Sales. We also are well covered in engineering, accounting and almost all administrative and backroom positions. A Communication Style assessment covers any position, with the intent to compare that profile against a wealth of information about the industry, about the Supervisor, and the position to provide probability factors. With over three decades of helping companies like yours prosper with strategic growth, we have the history and the tools to help you, too!


Our internationally recognized evaluation, The PEAC SYSTEM® instrument determines the basic instincts and natural behaviors of your potential hire. Evaluation and assessment covers any industry, but our online training program is focused on the personnel services industry.

Yet, even with all the information, online programs, and assessments, inertia is still your worst enemy. Time does not heal in a dynamic business... it can kill a department, a team, even your very business! Through our new Online Training Program, you can purchase not only training for your people, but the very manuals and booklets that have helped thousands. They will help you Manage and Train yourself as well as your people to success. It would pay to invest in those manuals, at the very least.


As stated above, inertia is your worst enemy. Letting time go by, waiting for the lights to come on in your moderate performers can be a slow death! Sometimes, you get lucky. Most often, you do not. What you end up with is people who are in three ranges, great performers, acceptable performers and struggling performers. We can elevate anyone to be the best that they can be, and then you can decide how long you want to work on those that cannot improve to the new team standards. Teamwork is still the highest form of company productivity. Individual stars can actually hurt you! Ever hear the phrase, "One and one makes three?" It happens...

 It builds with the proper training, and then you must keep a handle on their growth and productivity. No point in wasting your work and their time if they cannot rise to the level you need! Again, our Three 'Ems manual is a good start. Other manuals will follow to guide you step by step with working scripts, and tools to help make you and your people a success!


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