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Curious? 'PEAC' Explained

(P-) Profile- Look behind what they show you. There are no wrong profiles, but most often, wrong matchups to positions! Or, worse, a poor mix with the Supervisor's profile! Comparing both is an important key!

(E-) Evaluation- Let's find out what is behind the curtain they present. Identify it accurately, along with those things you need to pursue in references and interviews. Increase your chances of success with each step!

(A-) And... add on those intangibles that allow you to get under the hood and do it right. Keep in mind that we will never tell you to hire or not. It is always your decision. But you will be better prepared, by far!

(C-) Comparison- Benchmarking is a legally controlled process. EEOC requires a minimum of 2000 direct samples. We have many thousands of profiles, in many arenas, that help us predict the likelihood of success!


This page is for information regarding our excellent, proven service. From the process of selection and hiring, through training concepts and management, we help build quality teams, productive people and good managers!

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