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BIO: Patricia Sunday

A PEAC Consultant Reader for The PEAC SYSTEM® Evaluation, for over three decades. She has spent time in the personnel services trenches, held an office of her own for a few years, and The PEAC SYSTEM principals recognized the ideal profile for a caring Reader and were lucky to get her, many years ago. Well respected by hundreds of clients seeking help in finding, training and keeping good people. On call management consulting providing detailed information regarding the evaluations, management, team building, and more, sometimes long after the hire... Many of Pat's clients have been with her for decades.
      Pat is well-known for spending the time to carefully explain every facet as necessary to help her clients understand the sometimes complex details of the profile evaluation. You can save some time with her by downloading the basic help pages for the reports before you speak with her. You can also do this online at the bottom of your graph you received for your subject.
       The difference in knowledge between Pat and George is minimal, but in speed of communication and patience she is much more careful. She is available to help for as long as you need... or as short. Simply speak up if you have what you need and are out of time. If your personality is much faster paced, quick and to the point, and you want it down and dirty and gone, you might choose George W. Tucker as your Reader, below.

BIO: George W. Tucker, BSEE. MS, Psychology: Interpersonal Communications  

      The BSEE and three years in full cycle development of technical systems and databases provided the solid background to develop the associated websites and programmig for these Peac System® Evaluations. Then, armed with an MS in Psych, he has served in sales, in management, and as a high revenue, high stress business owner in the Personnel Services arena. He has served from the trenches to the boardroom with equal success. From the personnel services, through financial and engineering, he has the background and experience to help across many industries. Many have been Clients for more than two decades.
      He provides intelligent, successful consulting service to help with selection, training and management from the basic physical startup of a personnel services office, through the development of multiple units both local and remote. His training, available online helps provide increase in productivity and better management techniques in the personnel services arena. Teambuilding, motivation and the tips and tricks to keep it going, will all serve across many additional industries. He has served in these challenging roles across the USA and Canada for the past thirty five years. Now semi-retired, he provides in-depth and on target Reads and consulting services, as needed, to many managers at all levels, in companies large and small. 

      As its author, George is intimately familiar with every nuance of the PEAC System® Evaluation, as well as his next favorite project, the Reasoning Aptitude© evaluation, found on this site. (Keep in mind, a very quick, direct style, very much a counterpoint to Patricia Sunday!)