The PEAC System® is eerily accurate, and that feeds the Reader. Read on!

You said I was either going to have a tiger by the tail (possible) or I was going to have a management headache (more likely). You were right. I got the management headache. Everything you warned me about as possible issues came to pass. She resisted almost all her training, questioned why we did it our way, did not do research and did not practice. Her biggest deficiency though was she was not curious and was not good at talking to people. You warned me and I wish I would have listened.

She resigned this morning after being told last week that we needed to put her on a performance plan to hit the numbers- the same numbers she had been responsible for hitting every month since she had started (she missed badly in May and was on track to miss badly again in June).

Just wanted to let you know that your read was eerily accurate.

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I would like to introduce you to Pat Sunday (from the PEAC System®). She is the person that I run all of my PEAC evaluations through. She seems a psychic (based on the PEAC System® results), able to make very accurate predicitons on how likely an individual is to stick out the first year. She can arrange a couple of free ones so that you can see how it works, but it is a great resource for me!

I thought (any of us) would benefit from the PEAC System®.

I will let you take it from here!

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