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          If you are new to the PEAC System® family, welcome to the most effective way to help lessen your turnover woes. It is seriously more helpful to start training properly from day one, with people you understand, than to wait for them to fail. This is our much less expensive automated system that will save you considerable money in evaluating those that require more work than you have time for. Only for those for whom you are unsure, have a question about, or need further heads up, there is an optional reading available for a nominal fee. Your membership allows access to a pay as you go system for the PEACs, or package programs for multiple evaluations. There is also a package purchasing system for Reasoning Aptitude© assessments for those who have been seeking this program. There is no obligation to buy by registering now. It will, however, save you time and prevent delays should you decide to evaluate a candidate anytime soon. Check out the step by step explanation of what you can expect in using this automated system. To learn more about us, see the menu above.
          There are two choices, appropriate to the size of your organization, the number of managers and/or offices and an individaual's interest in saving costs:

CHOICE 1: Individual owners/managers (three or less people): This is an ala carte system, where you have your candidate take the evaluation, you receive a key code by email, then use that code to pay as you go with each profile. The investment is through PayPal at $75.00 USD. If the report seems close and you have any questions, a Reader is available for a nominal fee of $35.00 USD to walk you through every facet of the report. For very small companies, this by far the most common choice. It does not, however, prevent you from Choice 2!

CHOICE 2: Although any company, large or small can benefit from almost instant service, the package system is especially attractive to large organizations with multiple offices and managers, not only for prompt service, but also steeper discounts, depending on the package. There are three levels and they will be price marked on your peacpakage purchase page. You choose your level, make your current payment and the database will keep track. These never expire. You will see that a reasonble investment now will save many dollars down the road. Again, any manager or corporate entity may request a Reader by contracting directly for a nominal fee. In those cases, it is far less expensive to set up a Microsoft Team or phone network call so more than one person gets the same information to save repeitive and thus costly treatment with different individuals. Your Reader can offer other solutions. Talk to your Reader to learn more.