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      Your registration credentials are needed to conduct and finish the purchase. Below, find the appropriate PayPal button to purchase one, three or five evaluations, with increasingly substantial discounts for multiples. The count will be kept under your credentials.
   If the candidate runs an RA evaluation, you will have one deducted from your count. If the candidate starts the RA, then quits, usually an attempt to study the assessment, or tries to defeat the evaluation, you have lost one and his or her score will reflect it. He or she cannot begin the evaluation, and the key is lost once they open the page. If you do not get an email with the score, the Candidate did not even try take the RA! Yes, some fib.
   If you have none available, the candidate will be notified to get back to you to make the purchase. Most clients buy three and keep track. You must provide the Candidate the PEAC Number from your records, and your Client ID number for them to gain access. .
    The PEAC, obviously, must come first as this is an adjunct to those results. Those same keys must be delivered by you to the candidate for this RA assessment. Give him or her only this RASplash.php link. Go there, highlight and copy the address and save it in your files for easy delivery. This is their access to the entry page, and is the required first stop. Give them your Client ID and the Peac Number keys.
      If you give them wrong information,the Candidate will have no access. Thus, you will receive no report. The only good news, is you won't be charged for it. Use care!
    If he or she follows through, you will lose one count. If you have none left, the candidate will let you know! Keep track! The RA must be paid to allow them to access the evaluation. Else, anyone could study it and be well prepared to fool the system. That would not help you at all, right?

Your single purchase ($30.00 USD) will give you one count for one RA profile. You can keep track of the count at the link below. All profiles are paid in advance.

Your purchase of THREE ($75.00 USD) is discounted to just ($25.00 each) and will give you three RA profiles available. You can keep track of the count at the link below.

Your 5-pack purchase is your best investment at just $100.00 USD, (or $20 per unit) and will give you five RA profiles available.

Check your available count here : COUNT - More instructions will follow after the purchase. Sometimes a candidate will not follow through, so you will keep whatever is not used to assess another. Essentially, buy more and save them up. However, be warned. If a candidate blows off the evaluation by attempting to beat the quiz, you will have your answer for poor trainability and improbable success. Just as with any evaluation service, once attempted, there are no refunds, in any case. Still, the investment is small, the return is valuable.

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