1. THE PEAC SYSTEM EVALUATION©- The flagship of our organization and the first required process before any of the following steps can be taken. All further discussion, assessment and consulting is built around the results of this evaluation. With more than thirty five years at it, we can give you the direction you need. But as always, you make the decision on time and money. And that decision may be to walk away. It is up to you.

2. REASONING APTITUDE©- This is a favorite tool for any form of sales, recruiting and customer service. Where reasonably quick communication is needed in give and take, this evaluation will deliver a professional assessment of the aptitude for your candidate. Technically, this should come before steip three, but many of our clients use it as a last step process. It is, again, up to you. However, this is a much less expensive assessment than three, below, and may change your pursuit, saving you money.

3. CASE Studies©- A Consultant's Active Situational Evaluation- this puts the brain to work. The evaluation assesses instinct, verifying step 1, above, if needed, and also determines learned behaviors, a facet that can go a long way to fixing weaknesses that were discovered in the PEAC SYSTEM evaluation. This is an active role playing process, done from your office or another, but under direct proctorship to visually assess the candidate's reactions to the process as the pressure is applied...

4. ONLINE LIVE TRAINING PROGRAMS©- Conducted in two hour increments, over five days (ten hours). The trainee is fully emmersed in their industry, sales or recruiting. Live role play, on screen displays, and phone audio with attendance limited to two trainees and one manager or owner auditing.