The PEAC SYSTEM® evaluation  will determine potential instincts and with it, potential weaknesses, based on the position expectations. You capitalize in strengths, while you train against weaknesses... if possible. 
       Our CASE Studies
© - for sales and and the personnel services arena, only- will tell you precisely how this person will handle themselves in a give and take situation, the backbone of all sales as well as the personnel services industry.  This is learned behaviors in tandem with instinct, above.  
      Our Reasoning Aptitude
© will indicate how well a person will handle people and information in a give and take environment, such as sales, recruiting, customer service and the like. A measure of the ability to synthesize information on the fly..
      Our Management Consulting (an option with any PEAC® Profile that you need help understanding, but limited to the profile and process for hiring, training and management of that person) is sustained by over thirty years of service in the sales and personnel services arena. This gives you that extra step up to have the best chance to make your new individual a success.

Your best investment
is your people. Do you
know which ones?

We can tell you who has
the best chance!


      Finding 'Em, 
                Training 'Em,
                                Keeping 'Em 





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    The definitive answer
   to today's  people Selection-

   Management and Training


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Better to know on day 1 than ninety days of expensive, wasted effort!! Losses skyrocket over time in a bad hire!

Here is a tool with over 30 years of growth and success in the accurate identification of the communication and styles of employees within the sales and personnel arena, admin, customer service, and even through upper management!

Online with the results back by email quickly, pending your system and the internet status. Optional live Reader© the next business day if yoiu need it, for a small fee!

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Companies of all types, all sizes,
more than 3500 strong, have benefitted
from using The PEAC SYSTEM® .
We specialize in the following:


Personnel Services

National/ Regional/
Local Sales

Retail, Reps, CSR,
Service Managers


Our clients believed in us enough
that if they moved outside the
personnel services arena, they
took us with them, helping us
to spread into these other areas.
Still, over 70% of our database is
still Personnel Services...


1. Accuracy- focused on the inner self, the one you have to manage and train. And the one they hide from you in order to land that important position!

2. Stability- Nearly three decades of steady growth in large and small companies, where we have curbed turnover by as much as75% while increasing productivity!

3. Optionally, live, one on one Consulting Session© with every PEAC® evaluation you need explained for a minor added fee!  Receive suggestions for interview, references and management issues. No one else comes close in the industry specific knowledge as our Readers© come from the sales and services industry.

4. A scoring system you can rely on to give you a statistical reference from which to base your hiring decision.  This gives you an idea of what to expect when you decide to make that next hire, or... not...

5. Potential offer of three free evaluations for your company, only,  to determine our accuracy and the value to your organization. This MUST be arranged prior to your submission online to avoid fees! Call us!