Today's Tip: Administering the Instrument

It often comes to our attention that the proper administering of the PEAC SYSTEM evaluation has been subverted by time, delegation and such. When this happens, the consistency factors drop sometimes to the point that the results are invalid. To help with this, let me suggest a simple sales tool for you to use yourself, or pass on to those who ask others to take the evaluation.  

Sales is all about getting agreement to ideas. If an individual buys in, then they will be more honest and more careful with their answers. Start by showing them the why before what: "Should we bring you on board we want to make you as successful as possible. To do that, we try to tailor our training and management to your style." Who in their right mind would not want to come into this and expect to be successful? Once the carrot is dangled, you can use one of two phrases. If in person, simply say, "Fill this out for me and I will be back in about five or six minutes." No other instruction. No giving them the objections. Just a simple statement. If online, send them an email with only the main address, '' for a guide. The back pages often shuffle as upgrades are made, but they will always get to the right page to begin the test, coming in from the front page of the website. 

Most managers send an email with all of their information on it as required on the PEAC SYSTEM testing page. Phone numbers, fax if you have one, and so on. A reminder of the initial two phrases helps.

Doing the above will net you higher consistencies and develop more trust in the evaluation. And that leads to better training and better management, right? 

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