Welcome to our Newsletter! In here I will attempt to address some of the common concerns and questions that arise in the selection and hiring of good people in our industry. And today's tip: Hire good People, give them Good Training, and Manage carefully. It is our principle: The Three 'Ems, finding, training, keeping 'em!

Okay, for many of you, since I do your reads and provide your training, this is not news, but in any case, not good news from my traveling and seminar side of the business. But perhaps there is better news for you in the way that I have had to structure the training system for the current difficulties. Some time ago, during a large conference, the audio system went out, and like a trooper, I carried on for the remaining day, and managed to damage my vocal chords. Usually, a strain is a problem for a couple of weeks, but this one has hung on, now, for nearly five months. Not quite enough for surgery, but enough for the Docs to tell me to lay off the seminars for a while, maybe up to a year. Ouch.

In the meantime, several of my training clients have suggested I provide my training materials through a website, so that they can continue to train their new staff with this proven system, and, I might even open the door for lots of clients who have not had the opportunity to benefit from my materials. So, since I have not been traveling, I have been on the design and programming desk to supply these materials. I have come up with the complete PEAC SYSTEM Training Manual, all the forms, and even the Script Trainer books, complete with audio segments so that your trainees can hear the scripts, where necessary. If you are interested, the Training Manual can be downloaded in a limited format so that you can get an idea of what it is all about. If you wish to purchase, the key can be purchased from within that download. That, in turn, leads to the Script Trainers and Forms. You can learn much more at this link. Due to the pending internet sales tax issues, we are separating the purchase of 'materials' to our sister site, gsiservices.com, home of GSI- G & S International as a publisher for the materials. This will hopefully keep the PEAC SYSTEM evaluation process tax free... Fingers crossed!

Keep in mind that some of the techniques are so powerful that even your current staff can jump 25% or more in annual productivity, just adopting a few of them. But, to do that, you will have to get involved, help with role play and practice. I have purposefully kept the prices low in order for you, in this market, to download and install what you need for a number of staff.

As an added incentive, should I get back into the in-house and seminar side of the business, I offer a 5% discount off the fees for the initial program, for each complete set you order. That can add up to some serious savings in its own right.

So, you can use us, as you have for years, to FIND the right person. You can still use the materials to TRAIN them properly, and both of those are the foundation for good MANAGEMENT and keeping them productive. If we can help, keep us in mind. It is better to understand your people than to beat on them....

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