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Welcome to our Newsletter! In here I will attempt to address some of the common concerns and questions that arise in the selection and hiring of good people in our industry.

And today's tip: 'The Order of Things' relates to success of your next hire

Occasionally, in the heat of the battle to land good people, we get things askew. It does not effectively manage turnover if you race to hire, then to evaluate with the PEAC SYSTEM assessment, then try to train. Here is what happens, all too often:

 By assessing after the hire, you often have a problem on your hands. If your managers feel the hire is scheduled for failure, they may give up too soon, or worse, not bother with them. Where assessment comes first, you can select the best of the people you find, and you know from day 1 what you must do to make them successful. If you and your managers agree, the training and management ramps up in league with your Reader's suggestions and turnover is dramatically reduced. Remember, too, proper administration means higher consistencies and a more accurate evaluation. If you see consistencies low too often, take a look at the administration instructions.

If each hire represents nearly $60,000, and often much more, it finds the PEAC SYSTEM to be a small investment to help promote less turnover and higher revenues. Most of our clients have learned this, yet we find them occasionally caught up in a heated need to hire and they forget. So, it pays to hand out a reminder, now and then.

We pride ourselves on several things:
    1. Save you money
    2. Increase revenue
    3. Lower turnover
    3. Designed for the industry
    4. Provide what you need to succeed
    5. Seasoned service with 35 years at it!

Keep in mind you are ALWAYS looking, even when you are not in a position to hire. And we can help identify those most likely to succeed out of those you find. We can help... keep us in mind...

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