Welcome to our Newsletter! In here I will attempt to address some of the common concerns and questions that arise in the selection and hiring of good people in our industry. And today's tip: Look for the calm closer!

One of the most important skills we need is closing, but there are caveats. Too much, and we become cloying, annoying and less effective. Sure, out of sheer persistence and push, you might put square pegs in round holes, but we do not need the fall off that breeds. And a non closer, while sometimes can learn how, is not consistent nor instinctive in it. Remember, your profile is set on you at a very young age, possibly as low as six or seven years old. You spend the next twenty years learning how to make it work for you. High E's become cheerleader types, do it 'cause you love me sort of thing. Hard closers develop smug egos and often over-close because they can, not because they need to. Think of the door to door salesmen who literally browbeats the customer into buying from him just to shut him up. You cannot get rid of him. One, we have to teach, the other we have to haul back on the reins. Both are expensive and often trouble. We need that milder, professional closer, even if we start with the right instinct and put the stuff in place.

How do we tell in the beginning, when we do not know them? Your Reader will often ask, "How did they end the interview?" Have your people paying attention to the exact wording, every time. Words like, I hope... I want... I'd like are all high E giveaways, or Power people really holding down or back on their own control. But the Power types will begin to add heavier closes as time goes on, because they become impatient with the tedium of multiple, repetitive interviews. The ultimate closer might say those magic words, "What else do you need so I can start on Monday?" Right away, you can see that he or she is demanding a commitment, even if you are not ready. And that is the key. Are they locking you down to a commitment, or just asking open ended questions? Perhaps merely sharing their own needs, hoping you will emotionally tie it? However, this one step close is eminently trainable. So, just because they close you is not the true indicator. It is the PEAC results, well discussed... and the interview... and the references... in fact, what we call due diligence. But the proper application of closing is important. Without it, you have your work, and your money, cut out for you...

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