Welcome to our Newsletter! In here I will attempt to address some of the common concerns and questions that arise in the selection and hiring of good people in our industry. And today's tip: Delivery is more important than knowledge!

We often get blindsided by people who seem to understand our discipline well, have the knowledge about say, accounting, or engineering, or IT. They come from the industry, and we make the assumption that if they have that knowledge, we can teach them to sell. Our studies show that this is almost exactly opposite what you need. Of course, there is a caveat.

In our validation work, nearly three decades ago, we were working with a large client who liked to hire CPAs, simply because they needed no training on the industry, itself. But they suffered well over eighty percent turnover, often in the first few months. As we introduced the PEAC evaluation to the various managers in all the offices, we kept an eye out of the CPA who had a more sales oriented profile. They might have had two or three jobs in just a few years, but they were basically a fish out of water, wondering why they disliked accounting. And we cut that turnover to less then forty percent, that first year.

Then, we stepped out of the CPA world and brought in professional level people in other industries that had a better profile. The typical sales profile, however, all high Extroversion and no Power, did not fare well, as you probably have learned, yourself. But those who had something reasonably close to our one to seven, higher Power, backed up with reasonable Extroversion and the ability to dance, low Analysis and low Conformance, did very well, indeed. We cut turnover to less than 30% by the end of three years. But, of course, we were all feeling our way. You have the benefit of all those studies, and can make an impact a lot quicker, simply hiring the best people you can find, training toward the weaknesses the PEAC evaluation uncovers, and then managing accordingly.

Role play anyone who has experience in the industry. You have to see the delivery to assess the skills and background. If you do not get the 'wow' factor, but you still like them, the CASE Studies assessment is the next step, and has made great strides in separating the wheat from the chaff. Don't get lulled by their rendition of what they think they do. Find out how they do it.


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