Tip of the Month #2:

Welcome to our Newsletter! In here I will attempt to address some of the common concerns and questions that arise in the evaluation of potential hires in our industry. Today's topic: "But I LIKE 'em!"

Questions often arise around the high Analysis profile. and especially the high Extroversion, high Analysis profile. Very likable people, this latter group. First of all, high A's are everywhere, and if you do your hunting for new hires on the 'job-boards' you will find many of them... they feed there. Almost everyone knows one or more performers who do reasonably well, even though the statistical prediction is low. How does this happen? First, if you know, from day one, that you are dealing with a Thinker or a Counselor, you are better armed to provide the proper training and management. Of course, this will not guarantee success, because you need to add two things in short supply in our industry. Time and money. If you plan to hire a high Analysis, you must also realize that they will rarely hit the ground running, unless they have extensive background in our industry, and specifically in the very discipline and job description you need!

Even then, your Reader will tell you, over and over, you must verify their background, you must role play in their current discipline, whatever, until you know how they handle the give and take of the staffing and a sales industries. If someone else put in the time and money to bring them up to speed, you may be able to capitalize on that training, but remember, if you change disciplines, geographic locations, responsibilities, even the management style, and so on, you are asking for the favorite performance of the high Analysis profile, immediate slow motion while they take the time to figure out the new stuff...

Something else to keep in mind, is that high Conformance profiles perform almost the same way as the high Analysis, but for different reasons. Where the high A wants to understand before performing, the high C wants to get it exactly right, and neither will do well until they have their respective needs met. How do you know if you are dealing with high A or high C right away? PEAC 'em! Even if you hired without assessment <shudder>, and now you wonder, it is a good time to make sure... The market is not going to allow too many mistakes...

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