Welcome to our Newsletter! In our effort to make sure you understand your candidate BEFORE you hire, we have extra steps you can take. One of the important ones is Reasoning Aptitude. However, too many people want to compare it with an intelligence test, and that is a mistake. Let me have a few minutes of your time, and perhaps you can see the value of this tool in your hiring process.

You see, the  PEAC SYSTEM evaluation looks only at instincts, a very critical part of the success story for a consultant. However, as many of our clients will tell you, instinct alone, is not enough. Our Case Studies© program looks at what behaviors have been added, or learned, paid for, hopefully, by someone else. That, too, is a critical step. But if you do not run this evaluation, which, admittedly is not cheap, you might consider at least the Reasoning Aptitude. What is it?

Every salesperson needs to have the smarts, brightness, quickness, curiosity and so on to stay ahead of the conversation, whether in product sales, service sales, recruiting, marketing and so on. Any time you attempt to gain agreement to an idea, you are selling. And not being able to get ahead, or anticipate the direction of the call, alive or phone, will get you behind The Reasoning Aptitude measures that ability to synthesize information on the fly, essentially, to have the brain working hard in the background, while the foreground carries the conversation. To confuse this with intelligence is wrong. There are plenty of Ph.D. candidates out there, some post grad, some on the way. They are often very intelligent, but thoughtful, careful, afraid to be wrong, and this can stilt a give and take conversation in a New York minute. This is the time span is, for those who have never been there, the time between the traffic light going green in front of you, and the sound of the taxi's horn behind you.

In addition, the Reasoning Aptitude will look for those who have far too much Type A or even, as often happens, attention deficit disorders, for those who cannot concentrate or focus through a fifteen minute timeframe are not so likely to succeed, either. So, if they simply start guessing, and get the appropriate penalties for too many wrong answers, that, too, is an indicator of trouble.

Will Reasoning Aptitude offset a high Analysis? Usually to a maximum of two zones to the right on the PEAC evaluation, IF, and that is a big if, they have the learned behaviors behind them to learn how to think more quickly.

So, not intelligence, but the ability, under pressure (a timed test), to come to a reasonable conclusion (there are often more than one right answer, though some are better than others, and scored appropriately). This is the root of most successful, dynamic top producers, in whatever people to people endeavor they choose. And here is the good part: It is very inexpensive! Effective 2011 we went to $20.00 and will maintain that through 2012. Now is a good time to try it out before the next lift in price, early 2013. Just like you, our costs rise continually, and we try our best to keep services as low priced as possible. It prints out in PDF format, easy to fax to us when through. But watch your timing. Exactly fifteen minutes for any candidate, and it must be proctored by you or one of your people. This can also happen in another remote location through an association memeber you might know. And do not administer on line. They can skew the results too easily. Print it out though our website.

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