Welcome to our Newsletter! In here I will attempt to address some of the common concerns and questions that arise in the selection and hiring of good people in our industry. And today's tip: Make your decisions early, before you throw good money after bad....


Spend some time on each of your consultants, especially the struggling newer ones. The first four to six weeks are critical. If they are not getting it, you are about to lose a great deal of money. If you are going to keep them, you need to up the supervision and the training and get them on track. Below are the major categories that you can score. Simply rate them on a scale of one to five in the blanks provided. Five being a top score. Then add them up and get your total. Information on the final scoring is provided at the end of the assessment. 

General Services- Temp, Perm, Contract

Does the Indivdual

  1. Come in early, stay late?                                                          _____

  2. Show a one hundred percent commitment to the job?               ____

  3. Provide adequate, written planning at the end of each day?    ____

  4. Use proper voice and diction, sound professional?                  ____

  5. Follow your system?                                                                  ____

  6. Respond well to guidance?                                                       ____

  7. Make an effort to improve performance?                                  ____ 

  8. Provide complete records (matrix) for ratios and volume?        ____

  9. Provide a steady pace throughout the day?                             ____

  10. Seem alert, curious, inquisitive on the phone?                         ____

  11. Start out a morning person, eager to get going?                      ____

  12. Seek guidance when stuck?                                                    ____

  13. Provide a positive manner/demeanor in the office?                 ____

  14. Recover from negative hits quickly?                                        ____

  15. Seem smart enough for the job?                                              ____

  16. Understand your direction; get it right the first time?                ____

  17. Come to you or the manager for clarification, easily?               ____

  18. Seem helpful and willing to share with others?                        ____

  19. Handle others’ high performance with good attitude?              ____

  20. Respect you or his or her Manager?                                        ____



       As you can see, with twenty concepts, five points apiece, the best score would be one hundred. Some of the above seem a little redundant, and they are for a reason. The subtleties of the second concept are different, yet they apply to the whole in much the same way, thus being of added importance. And keep in mind, some of these things, like the matrix systems, you may not have in place. Our suggestion is you find a system that works for you and put it in place. That way, you are looking at performance in activity, not just placements. If your total comes up under seventy, step in and help out, before it is too late. And, non performers or troublemakers are very expensive investments that rarely pay off…

       Remember, too, if you assess low on skills and instincts, the CASE Studies© program may help you discover the issues. We can make suggestions for improvement, where possible, or simply prove your assessment for your decisions.

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