Welcome to our Newsletter. This is where I address common questions and concerns regarding our industry, specifically in the hiring, training and management of your people! Today's topic, tools you can use to help in finding 'em, training 'em and keeping 'em. (The 3 'Ems)

Here are our tools, provided in the order they should be used:

Selection is one of the hardest areas to master. This is because everyone, from the lower desk to the upper management candidates, all wear a mask that hides their true profile. Many of our clients have been with us for over twenty years, now, discovering that the PEAC SYSTEM® does a great job in getting behind the mask and providing a heads up as to what you may really be hiring. And we won't tell you not to hire, only give you the warning about time and money that you may have invest to make that person successful. Backing that, of course, the PEACSCORE a data base numeric score for each profile, and our appropriate advice on low or high scores.

The PEAC SYSTEM Read. Every profile you run comes with a consulting session with an experienced, well trained Reader. The information is invaluable, as it points out problem areas, those that can cost you money, as well as the possibilities based on the combined profile characteristics. Sometimes, what seems, at first glance, a poor profile, may have underlying traits that can bring the level of success much higher. And, as always, the initial Reads are a free service. Don't fall into the habit of reading them yourself, at least not for the first year or so...

Reasoning Aptitude©, our very successful assessment tool will tell you how well an individual can synthesize information on the fly. Everyone knows that this talent, the ability to bob and weave, get around the objections, keep ahead of the conversation, and lead it, not follow, or so important. And our RA will tell you that ability, which is made up of not only intelligence, but mental speed and a bit of daring, sometimes, too! A highly popular tool, now in its tenth year! You can download it from our website. Of course, if you have questions, email me or call me for further discussion.

If you are on the fence... almost always a problem of a difficult pattern from the PEAC SYSTEM® evaluation, and perhaps other factors, but you still like them, our CASE Studies is designed to get you off the fence. A one hour role play against the master (that is me!), will find credit for good instincts or previous training, or perhaps confirm the weaknesses that may be inherent, and possibly not trainable- not without lots of time and money. This is an inexpensive, but major step for all questionable hires, now in its twenty-fourth year. Certainly a good investment in comparison with the twenty to forty thousand dollar gamble with a poor hire...

And then, with the successful first twelve runs of our new Online Live Training©, those three day courses I have run for thirty years are now available in five two hour classes, much refined and more intense to focus on Recruiting, Marketing, or Closing. Each is available in any sequence, though, as with most of my previous training clients, I prefer to let new consultants practice their skills on candidates, where the mistakes won't hurt you and your company so much. Then on to Marketing, and when ready, on to the final closing. After all, if the first two are not done well, there will be little closing at all, right? You can learn more on our website.

Finally, I offer Consulting Sessions©, one hour discussions with management of any level, to help discover the strengths and weaknesses in the above, as used in your divisions. Sometimes, an outside opinion can make a big difference.

Some of these items discussed in these Tip of the Month series are found in two of our booklets, The Three 'Em's, Finding, Training and Keeping 'em, and for the first level supervisor, The Mentor Manual- a valid discussion on how to train up an individual under them. Email  or call me for further information.

That about covers it. The market is confusing, but I have a nearly sixty forty split in productivity reports out there. Sixty percent are on that first wave and still holding in well, while the other forty percent are still trying to regain their balance. Lets cross the fingers for another big wave this year, before the gloom and doom people have their way!! Happy Hunting!

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