Welcome to our Newsletter! In here I will attempt to address some of the common concerns and questions that arise in the selection and hiring of good people in our industry. And today's tip: Why do we lose good people?

Any decent seminar leader, in almost any industry, can tell you the answer to that one. Four reasons, wrong hire, improper or no training, improper or wrong management process, and other. That last one is a killer. Years ago, a fellow by the name of Steve Brown had a list of people you should not hire. He had five criteria at the top of that list that have proven to be true throughout my thirty plus years helping companies grow and be productive. They were:

             1. Recent divorce not finalized, or finalized within the last six months. You can ask how a person's 'family' feels about this career pursuit, but you cannot ask about spouse or children...

              2. Recent death of a loved one. The grieving process takes well over six months before an individual begins to regain his or her former energy. Prior to that, that same process sucks the energy right out of them...

              3. Recent loss of an executive position. Especially if not of their choosing. Recent, again, being within six months. This puts the executive in an awkward position of near desperation for a job, any job, and you may well be only a temporary landing place.

               4. Hand in hand with 3, above, is the tendency of upper level execs, or anyone else, to look down on the position you are offering. If they do not respect the position, they do not respect you, or the industry, and turnover is almost guaranteed.

               5. Recent addictive problems, from drinking to drugs and such. Rehab does not cure, it gives them a supporting ledge to cling to, but under pressure, many fall right off. And yes, we have a pressure filled environment.

So, sound familiar? My Readers and I do our best to warn you, but we cannot tell you to hire or not. But it is often with regret that we learn one of our clients took a chance, and lost another potentially good hire.

Speaking of hiring, we help in every way you will let us, from PEAC, to Reasoning AptitudeĀ©, to CASEĀ© evaluations. So, we can help with the first issue, hiring the right people.

The second one, Training, is an area that I have worked in for these past three decades, overlaying a formula for success over some rather difficult profiles, in many cases, and have seen them succeed. But it takes management participation or it will not stick. Here is another thought for training. I am semi-retired, and as most of you know, I no longer do seminars and in-house programs. Our online focused training is proving quite popular, a program where I am training up to two people for two hours a day, five days straight. With management support, that is beginning to show the same tendency toward success. If you need more information, see our website, email me, or call me. I can discuss it further. Keep in mind that I book out from six to eight weeks.

Management, however, is more piecemeal, learned in the PEACS you run, and listening to your Reader. Some of my Readers have over two decades and more, at this, and have gotten pretty sharp with the right suggestions. But, you cannot pick their brain too far off the track in one read. For that, we have Consulting SessionsĀ©, a paid hour program.

For now, get busy, and Happy Hunting!!

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