Welcome to our Newsletter! In here I will attempt to address some of the common concerns and questions that arise in the selection and hiring of good people in our industry. And today's tip: If you are on the fence, you need help in the hire! Let's examine the valuable Case Studies program, and what you can expect from this added service!

I brought the Case to the marketplace nearly fifteen years ago. At the time, I had three other consultants across the country working with me specifically on running the programs, and the numbers grew rapidly, many more than the EEOC requires for validation, and plenty for us to refine the program to the point that we could make accurate predictions, sometimes those that went against the PEAC evaluation scores. For those of you who have not tried it, let me explain.

Those of you who are our consistent clients know how we stress how important DELIVERY is over head knowledge. This can quickly weed out the 'wheat from the chaff,' and let you know roughly how the individual will do on the phones. Now, of course, the first step is role playing on your own. And if you are good, you can see the opportunity to trip up a weak profile, and confirm your hesitation in hiring. But sometimes, you are on the fence, both from a not so great PEAC and from a so-so role play. Then, you need the experts. Well, me. The team is long gone, as the fees for the Case during our heavy testing and development phase simply could not financially support young men and women with families and responsibilities. But they did their part, and I have kept the fire lit for Cases ever since. For those who are curious, CASE is Consultant's Active Situational Roleplay.

How does it work? Well, first of all, you have to make some changes in your thinking. I am constantly surprised when a Manager insists that the individual is 'only recruiting, and not in sales!' Any time you are seeking an agreement to an idea (what we do for a living, every step of the way), you are selling. Fail to gain the agreement, and you will generally fail as a true recruiter. Yes, there are recruiters who function as HR people, screening databases, sorting resumes, and such, but they are seldom recruiters, though they will insist that they are. And, interestingly enough, HR has a specific profile they like that we intensely avoid, the Counselor. Most of you know that one, high Extroversion with high Analysis. We have all been burned.

So, the PEAC gives us a basic idea of the instincts of the individual. Let's say that you are not necessarily wowed by what you saw and heard in the interview. Maybe you went a step farther and attempted to role play, but, well, darn it, you are still on the fence. So, taking the stance that all recruiting is like all sales, seeking that agreement to ideas, the CASE runs a very basic level recruiting evaluation, with a section on marketing, or sales, as you wish. Either way, call by call, the individual will display his or her skills, earned or learned, maybe the instinct, maybe not, and at the end of an hour of give and take, I will be able to tell you exactly the exhibited strengths and weaknesses. And, yes, more often than not, a person with experience will show a side much stronger than his or her PEAC, and the score will reflect it. How much better to have an average CASE score against a less than average PEACSCORE!

From previous tips, you know that we can calculate the approximate cost of 'trying out' a less than ideal individual, and then losing them. Adding everything, even our Reasoning Aptitude© evaluation can cover all the bases. Instinct, performance and the ability to synthesize information on the fly. Together, they are a one-two-three punch, that helps you make, first, the right hire, and second, to start out on day one working on the weaknesses.... A good combination. Your Reader can answer any question you have about any of these extra services we have available.

For now, get busy, and Happy Hunting!!

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