Welcome to our Newsletter! In here I will attempt to address some of the common concerns and questions that arise in the selection and hiring of good people in our industry. And today's tip: Why we love the Counselor

As most of you know, and have learned the hard way, Counselor profiles are made up primarily of high Extroversion (friendly) and high Analysis (thinkers). When they are combined, they create 'thoughtful, nice, friendly' people. Now, those are great to be around, they make excellent long term friends, even good mates for the right complementing profile. And we LIKE them in the interview. Now, for those who hire on 'gut instinct,' this is the number one trap for that process of hire. We have a hard time screening these Counselors out. And, without an early indicator like the PEAC SYSTEM®, you can spend ninety days finding out you have one, and by then, in most cases, it is too late to fix them.

Counselors have a one in three average score. That does not mean they can not do the job. It means that one in three will succeed with the right training, time and money behind them. You may well be a Counselor, yourself, and your reaction might well be, "But I made it!" Yes, you made it to the management area, or ownership level, and that is an interesting facet of the high Analysis in the Counselor. The high Analysis folks collect information. They become, eventually, a 'fount of knowledge,' often have a thoughtful, caring management style, and if they can survive the first couple of years (one in three), they are often moved into management, not to capitalize on their productivity, but upon their know how. But with few exceptions, with nearly 3,000 clients now worldwide (English speaking only), the decision is to pass on the hire of Counselors. Few companies in a down market have the time or the money to pour into a 33% chance of success. If the Counselor is you, and you like to hire in your own image, at least have the information about what to do with that profile starting day one, rather than waiting those ninety days to figure them out.

Remember, if you are still on the fence, your next step would be to let them show their skills in our very successful CASE Studies©. Call me if you need more information about  this valuable program... You can also download the CASE Studies© at our website for review to see what it is all about... I will get you off the fence, one way or the other... and after nearly twenty years of this phase of the program, the CASE Studies© has a very accurate scoring system. Simply put, the candidate can garner more points against a poor PEAC by a good performance on the CASE. Or, if the CASE is poor, the scoring will drop to nearly 20%, regardless of the PEAC SYSTEM® profile. An investment of $125.00 for a CASE makes a lot more sense than risking tens of thousands of dollars on an 'experiment.' See Tip #12 on figuring costs over a year!

Keep in mind you are ALWAYS looking for new people, even when you are not in a position to hire. And we can help identify those most likely to succeed out of those you find. We can help... keep us in mind...

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