Welcome to our Newsletter! In here I will attempt to address some of the common concerns and questions that arise in the selection and hiring of good people in our industry. And today's tip: How the PEACSCORE relates to success of the consultant!

A common question comes up in evaluating marginal employees that can be addressed in a Tip like this. Making the decision to pursue and process a high scorer does not take a lot of explanation, but it does take a warning. You will note that the highest score we give is 80%. This is because, in our thirty plus years of testing, we have discovered a weakness in the top billers that seems to average out for 20% losses. Finances, drugs, divorce and so on, all seem to strike these top level earners, and even the concept of going across the street to start their own personnel services firm will get some of them. The losses at 20%, then, keep us at no higher than 80%. But, as we tell the Manager lucky enough to identify one of these, process, pursue and if you hire, make sure you take care of them, and stay in communication. You might well be not only a Manager, but sometimes a Coach, sometimes a Counselor. They have the capability of high production, but they might come with baggage you will have to handle to keep them up there.

So, high scorers are not the problem, for the most part. Let's take a moment to look at the bottom scores. As you should know from our discussions, the EEOC will not allow us to go below 20%, citing a statistic like this because, in their black and white world, "Anybody can be trained to do anything!" And, of course, we add the caveat that this is true- if you have enough time and money. Most of us do not. As a guideline, only, for, after all, we are statistically driven, with few exceptions, our Managers around the world, from USA, Canada, England, Southeast Asia, and even India, soon come to the conclusion that any potential hire under a PEACSCORE of 40, is simply too much work, and too easily lost. And, yes, they have all hired those 30's and 35's, and true to the scoring, they lose two thirds of them. Either too hard to train, or the training just does not sink in to someone who is not instinctually geared for it. Lessons learned. But, as always, we do not tell you who to hire, or not hire, it is your decision. We just share the information to help you make the decisions...

So, that leaves the middle ground. Those 40 to 60 types, with the usual Manager's interest climbing as the numbers go up. What does that 40 mean? It starts as a pure statistic from nearly 300,000 profiles, databased over thirty two years. This is the raw score, the number coming in the door with no related experience.  And, as we know, unless that experience is in the same or very similar industry, the individual has to be retooled and trained from scratch in ours. But, we go out of our way to find extra points where we can, from that experience, or perhaps exposure, to develop an effective score. So, let's say your potential hire has at least a year of recruiting in a contingency or contract world, and was considered successful. And we will ask that your verity this in order to get those extra points. Perhaps, then, the effective score might get as high as 50 in this case, which gives you a fifty-fifty shot of making the individual successful, and in our verbal Reads, we will give you as much heads up as we can on what you might have to do to help make that happen.

So the score, then, is reflective of success as a percentage. A 40 has a 60% chance of failure unless you work extra hard to pull them into production. A 70 has a 30% chance of failure, not just from your training and management, but all those other myriad things, inside and outside your company that push and pull on them.

But, most importantly, your advantage in understanding that individual, from day one, is a hundred times stronger than waiting 90 days to see what you end up with. Score is important to start the process, and knowledge is critical to use all of this to your best advantage, as early as possible.

Keep in mind you are ALWAYS looking, even when you are not in a position to hire. And we can help identify those most likely to succeed out of those you find. We can help... keep us in mind...

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