Welcome to our Newsletter! Dark clouds are gathering that affect the hiring process in our country, and abroad. Having survived three others of these in the past thirty years, I have gathered a few tips that I will share over time to help you make it through. This month's tip: If you survived, you are in a stronger place!

If you have built properly, you own a piece of the pie in your industry or discipline. In a recession, the pie is shrinking. Even my health care and IT clients are telling me that, though they are receiving the assignments, their clients are being picky... all of this contributes to your own decline if you are not careful. If the economy is booming, and you are not, there are other considerations. In order to keep the revenues up, you have to turn up the heat, regardless of the discipline.

Survival: Trim costs. If your current desk level producer is a cost center, rather than a profit center, get tougher. If you have not yet evaluated those that are struggling, I suggest you do so, as we can help point out the ways to make that person more successful, if possible. Keep only the people that will step up to the plate and work harder and smarter. Remember, the more you know about your people, the easier it is to capitalize on what they can do right, and fix what they cannot. If you do hire new ones, use the PEAC SYSTEM evaluation to make sure you can start addressing strengths and weaknesses right away. Knowing your new hire on day one, instead of learning them over the next three months, is a great deal more effective in training and management for success... And hire the better profiles... Now is not a time to relax your standards...

We can help...   Keep us in mind.

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