The Peac System, Inc
     The Guide to Successful Hiring
in the Personnel Services Arena

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      This book covers all areas of our industry: Perm, Temp and Contract, and includes The Three Ems (Finding, Training and Keeping 'em) & The Mentor Manual. No need to try to copy the Mentor Manual to make booklets for your managers. It is available free online with the purchase of this book and you must register to recieve the manual and the forms. Other options will be revealed to you, too!
      The helpful guide book enables you to optionally pick up the Script Trainers, access them online, and if necessary, add the PEAC System® Training Manual to your collection. This process is much less of an investment, now, than historically, buying books and manuals separately for each trainee. Save hundreds of dollars!

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However, if you purchase the Online Script Trainers and obtain a key, your staff will use this direct link:
Online Script Trainers
for access.

      For those who want a do-it-yourself (DIY) project, this is ideal. Thirty-five years of data dump, just as if I were sitting by your desk, guiding you as a consultant, for much less than the online program. Oh, yes, a hell of a lot less annoying, as well as much less an expense than me sitting there, too! If you have the determination and the will, this program in hand can make a big difference!
         This program gives a Training Manager, or a Mentor- should you move into that phase in the book, a consistent, successful and retrievable format for training and assessment. On the subsequent page, you will see the purchase choices. Spend wisely, but think in terms of improvement!