You Found 'em, Now, guess who is responsible for their success??




As your Partner in Success, we provide a complete strategy for selection, training and management. You are not alone. With over thirty five years of experience to help, we can give you that extra guidance or added service. Online Live Training programs,  Consulting Sessions© , all combine to help your people become more productive, more easily managed, and therefore less likely to succumb to turnover and attitude problems. Services offered at relatively low investment- Especially when compared to the losses suffered in unnecessary turnover and potential lost revenues. Studies show that online revenue generators can cost you seven to ten thousand dollars in direct and hidden costs- each time you hire, train or manage improperly, and worse if you lose a good one!



Training is more than just CD's, videos and talking heads. Our specialized Online Live Training programs push the student to think, to respond, to get used to the give and take of sales. With over thirty five years of helping people to become very productive and successful, we know the myriad ways the deal can fall apart, and a well exercised trainee will have had the practice before they get on the field. It's more in-depth than a training manager, who most often is also a producer, has time to provide. And, with our materials, it is easily reinforced, a very important concept in the growth and development of a trainee, start to finish. Let us take the hard part out of the process, and give you the fun part, helping to close more deals! See our Online Live Training section.


Our Online Live Training keeps your people at your office, while we conduct training from ours. Two hours a day, five days, which allow them to be productive during the rest of the day. Our Online Live Training programs are best for no more than two attendees, though, if needed, Management may sit in to observe.  Sales productivity has historically climbed an average of fifty percent in those companies where the Manager has successfully reinforced the program. And that, of course is the key. If you put into the program a middle manager, but then do not push him or her to role play and reinforce the materials, the results will be significantly less than you expect.

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